Bad Blogger

So the last time we were here, we saw the heroine of this story in the middle of a melt down and feeling as if she was sinking into the many demands of life and so scared she would continue sinking until smothered her.

Well I'm here to tell you....I'm baaaack. (you know, until the next time it all becomes too much that is!)

It was certainly strange there for a bit. I'm not sure I can even adequately put into words how "overwhelmed" I was feeling. And it wasn't just the wedding. It was life. The wedding simply was that final straw that always seemed to push and push and push on everything else. It just fully dawned on me how much was going on with work, keeping up with my friendships, travels and then the wedding too. And one day it really hit me - both of my parents are deceased, my in-laws live in Scotland, my matron of honor lives in California and as much as Marrv may want to be involved, he works 8am to 9pm most days - making for a not overly involved groom. That leaves little ol' me. But Marrv was there through it all, took the brunt of my harsh reactions and emotional melt downs (had a few of his own) and here we are, on the other side of it and feeling way more excited and happier.

And I had a birthday this week! We celebrated by jetting off to the mountains with friends for a few nights. We kicked ass in a "sangria-off" among the group(Or maybe it was the sangria that kicked our ass....) and partook in hilarious games of Cranium where there are no other words to describe my ability other than "On Fire! Huzzah!" (Yes, I may have shouted that a few times. And again, I blame the sangria). Marrv spoiled me rotten, and I probably got the best gift from the in-laws...in the card they mailed over, they included a photo of little Marrv on his tricycle, with a little red rain slicker, little blue wellies (this was Scotland after all) and just the cutest little look on his face. It now resides on the table next to the bed - something for me to glance over and help to put a smile on my face at times when I may need a reminder of what it's all about.

To wrap up this long ramble ... tomorrow I'm taking a lunch time trip to a jeweler! To discuss wedding bands and other possible new fun jewelry! And I am SOOOO excited. There are so many bits and pieces to the wedding and some of them are cool but honestly, you could probably go 10 different ways on the decision and be ok with it. Or some things that you do because you "have" to - for whatever reason. Then there are the things that you can't stop thinking about because to you, they're the things that really matter. And for me, this is one of those things. I know objectively that a ring doesn't make a marriage. But I cannot wait to slip on that band. When I think of it, to me, all I think of is the commitment and family that we are busy creating and building.

Fingers crossed these jewelers are "the one"!


Mini Melt Downs

I have been quite remiss in blogging lately. I feel like I have a lot of things to talk about (is it possible to have TOO many things to talk about?) but just don't feel like I have a minute to myself lately, let alone to write. I've been traveling every weekend, work is uber busy at the moment with a conference in Boston coming up at the end of the month, trying to fit in happy hours/dinners/drinks/walks by the river with friends who I haven't seen in weeks, not to mention that football is about to start so there go our Sundays. I admit it, tailgating Eagles' games is way more fun for me than debating the value of wedding favors. true.

But in any case, there's just been so much going on that I feel like I'm losing myself a bit.

We are officially, today, 100 days out from the wedding! (people are always astonished I know the exact number, and then I remind them I have a countdown on my blog - which right now is helpful but I think when it hits 50 I may have to put a big black censor bar over it) I am so freakingly excited for being so close - 100 days out means 97 days until Marrvelous's marvelous parents arrive, 99 days until we're sipping on cocktails and local cuisine with family and friends at our house watching most of them meet for the first time, it means 102 days until we take off with the in-laws, my sis and my aunt for a week in Florida and it means 108 days until Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! (comes a close second behind big days I'm excited for in the next few months :)

I've started working on the invites. A bit of a DIY endeavor with the help of a good friend. And thank god for her because if not, let's just say I would have had the printer and the computer (along with the blasted Illustrator software) out the window and on the curb out front within 10 minutes. Then quickly followed by a drain on my wallet as I whipped out the credit card to pay several hundreds of dollars for invitation suites made off-site. We made progress though, and hopefully finishing the deal next week - and will certainly share after they go out.

Still debating about having them printed professionally -- could use some help, is this something Kinkos/Staples could do? Or should I find a little mom and pop printing shop in Philly? It's probably no more than 80 pieces all together so I'm hoping the fee wouldn't be too bad. Thoughts?