Moving is hard, yo

Packing up 6 years of life, 3 floors of apartment space, 2 nervous but snuggly kitties and a huge bucket full of sentimental memories is hard work.

We've said good-bye to my family. My 7 year old niece wouldn't stop with the hugs and made us promise we'll skype. My 71 year old aunt can't hear too much about the details of our new beachside cottage without getting teary-eyed.

We've said good-bye to our friends. Tons showed up to say "see you later" and make promises that they're already planning their left coast vacations. All insisting we stay with them when we come home to visit.

The Pod is 24 hours away from being picked up and beginning its journey across the 2,800 miles. Though strategically selecting what we will be taking and not taking, as well as what we need immediately and what we don't has been challenging.

There are still way too many items in our apartment that need a home .... or a dump, before we can drive off into the sunset on Sunday morning.

But through all of this - I've got Marrv by my side, and watching us go through all of this change, stress, emotionally exhausting good-byes but still coming out with smiles and smooches for one another at the end of the night and first thing in the morning brings me so much joy. We're going to make it through this, we're both excited for what's ahead of us and we're both realizing how strong our relationship and partnership is - going to be a rather amazing journey.


Oh yes...

We got our photos back and they are ah-ma-zing. Our photographer (my dear friend Summer Gibbs) captured every single moment of joy, laughter and love throughout the day. Just looking at them, we instantly feel like we're right back in the middle of it - and that's a very good thing. I couldn't be happier. Now...to get to the recaps, and work on the photo albums (how do you possibly pick 100 photos out of 800 stunning shots!?) --- all while packing up and organizing for a cross-country move? We'll get there...we always do.

In the mean time though, I have to share a few.