Rainy Mondays

It's bad enough that it's Monday. Does it really have to rain and bring spirits even lower? Here is where I wish I was lounging with Marrvelous instead of sitting in front of a computer in my little nook at work in rainy, dreary Philadelphia ....


Scratched from the List

So by now, we're all aware of my ever growing list of "Places to Go, See, Be, Explore". Two days ago that list just got one line shorter when Arizona decided to go racist. See here

Before I begin, I'll give fair warning - this is going to be long. With a Master of Arts in Political Science, heavily focused on Latin American/US Relations and several school papers written on this same issue, mixed with my affection for all people and things south of the border....I have a lot to say about this one.

Now, admittedly, I've been to Arizona before and have been to the big tourist draw - the Grand Canyon - several times. So it was not high on the list, but it was there. Mainly because Marrvelous has not been there and the Canyon, IMHO, is one of those places you should see. As soon as you walk up to the ledge you are struck by how small we are and how young; how this planet we live on has so many delicious secrets and has been creating beauty for so much longer than most of us can fathom. And I find pride in showing off these landmarks to my foreign-born fiance. A sort of Rah Rah America moment (which don't happen too often - that's an entirely other discussion, however).

Arizona is also located in a different part of the country than Marrvelous has seen before, the Southwest. It was fun to show him the Northwest last year and again, tied with that whole feeling of pride in showing off my home country, I liked the idea of helping him see what the geography, the history, and the food of that region was like. And of course Arizona is a piece of golf heaven. So it's been on the list for those reasons as well. No longer.


Creating our Little Slice of Heaven

Ever since moving in with Marrvelous, I have been itching to turn our roof deck into something a bit more spectacular...a place we both want to sip our morning coffee (or tea in his case) and read the paper on Sundays, a place to grill up new recipes and eat our dinner together in the fading light during the week, and a place to have guests over for drinks and fun. As any city dweller can tell you, outdoor space is precious and always in high demand. The fact that we have a two-level roof deck, with one of the best views of the Philly skyline is something we both really value. I saw the value in it the night we met, when Marrvelous used the infamous line, "Want to come see the view from my roof deck?" (Spoiler Alert: It worked)

Now that the weather is slowly turning in the right direction, I can officially say that the deck is on its way as well.


New York City Recap (otherwise known as - Why Girlfriends are so Important)

The weekend in Hoboken (with smidges of Manhattan thrown in) was fun, debaucherous, and much needed. Other than neighborhood walks (everywhere from the Village to Battery Park and all over Hoboken's waterfront) and massive wine consumption, there wasn't much to the weekend, but yet it was still so good for my soul.

It was spent with two very dear girl friends. I have known them since I was 18 from the days down in Williamsburg; our friendship has lasted and continued to grow through travels, marriages, break ups, new jobs, new cities and so much more. These aren't the friends I've known the longest, but I think the fact that these are some of my closest comes from the fact that we began our journey during such an important stage in life. Out on our own for the first time, our friendships began at the same time that we were really learning about ourselves as individuals.

The bond has only been cemented by all of the other experiences we've gone through together. I'd rehash some stories here for all of you out in the interwebs, but honestly, we've learned by now that the stories that still make us laugh so hard we can barely breathe and tears stream down the side of our faces (I'm talking DA Roadtrip 2000, English wedding antics and of course several New Year's Eve extravangazas) are never quite as appreciated by those who weren't involved or didn't know us then. But I think it's something special that even after fourteen years, those stories still make us double over. This is what life and relationships is all about.


The Big Apple

Headed to New York tonight after work to spend the weekend with two very dear friends. Growing up only two hours from New York, I tend to forget how in so many people's eyes this is city of all cities. To me, it's where my friends live, where I've spent many fall weekends walking through Central Park or doing holiday shopping, where I've spent time exploring Brooklyn and Queens.

During our trip to Scotland for the holidays, I was reminded how amazing New York City is - friends' eyes lit up when talking about their upcoming holiday this summer, or the longing in others' eyes, with hopes of some day being able to get there. Then I remember that it's not only people all over the world, but people right here in the States. There are people that will live and die in the US and never make it there because it's too far and too expensive of a trip for them. They can't just jump on a bus and pay $10 and be in the Big Apple in two hours flat.

And I love Philly, this is my town. But I get it, I do - New York City, well, it really is that amazing. You may not want to live there, but it's hard not to have a ridiculously fabulous time even on a mini trip.

So I'm looking forward to a weekend just walking the city- popping in shops on 5th Ave (to drool and then move on with wallet still firmly in bag), conducting taste tests of all the fabulous cupcakes, avoiding Times Square like the plague, wearing my Phillies' hat with pride, and of course, lounging in Central Park and people watching.