Working 'round the clock

So I saw this quote today "Love is a feeling, Marriage is a contract, and a Relationship is work." and it stuck with me. I've often said that the wedding - it's just a legality. I honestly believe if you plan to commit yourself to someone, you do - a piece of paper isn't going to force someone to make it happen. That has a larger influence on insurance and taxes, or as it will be in our case - your residency status. The bigger reward lies in the relationship and in the work that makes that relationship so great that you want the contract, and you want to continue that feeling of love each day forward.
As I've gotten older and gone through other relationships, as well as watched friends enter into marriages (and out...), the importance of the word "work" becomes much clearer. For the first time though, I really feel like I not only understand it, but truly accept what lies ahead.
Just like my day job, there are days when the "work" will feel like a breeze and I'll be proud of what I've accomplished and feel like I was made to do this - who wouldn't want to hire me?! And then there will be the days that end in near-tears, wondering am I going crazy and am I any good at anything.
Those will be the days I remember that feeling - Love. And those will also be the days I focus on the contract - the Marriage. And through the good days and the bad, I hope to always smile at the choices we've made and at my co-worker in all this. Because it's been a true blessing to find a partner who is as committed to the work and excited for our shared days ahead!

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