I think I've talked on here before about me and surprises. I love to give them but have a horrible time pulling it off. I always seem to buy something special for Marrv as a little surprise, and then have IM'd him on our blackberries before the day is even over to tell him what it is. I buy Christmas gifts and then ask if someone wants it early. Even planning his birthday party this year was so hard because there were times I just wanted to say "Guess what is going to happen!!" And I think I've been rubbing off on him because he seems to have a hard time keeping things from me anymore as well.

Except this time he did!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was up in Boston a few weeks ago for a big work conference that took up a lot of my (and my department's) energy and focus for the past few months. So in our debrief meeting, when our director told us that we were having a pizza lunch Thursday the 7th as a "thank you" for all the hard work - I simply thought "awesome, free lunch". Which in my world, free lunch is pretty sweet and especially when it's good gourmet pizza from the shop down the road. and it's free - did I mention that?

So when I walked up to the conference room yesterday to find a closed door, I wondered if I was in the wrong place - until I opened the door to a loud chorus of "Surprise" and saw bridal shower decorations and gifts everywhere.

I was in such shock and so overwhelmed, I nearly got teary and the first thing I actually managed to say was "There's still pizza, right?". And there was! Along with a ton of salads and goodies brought in by coworkers and a huge table of desserts (um, oreo truffles?! Anyone else ever had these because this was my first time and I thought I died and gone to heaven)

(Deliciousness in the form of a Wegman's sheet cake! God I love Wegmans!!)

It was such a great afternoon filled with delicious food (with so much leftover and I was forced to bring home bags of it to Marrv so that he could share in on the fun), great conversation and some pretty wonderful gifts. I mean, I know we registered for them but it's so much more fun when you open the wrapping paper and the new fancy Riedel wine glasses are actually YOURS to keep and use and enjoy!

They all started to mention how they were sorry Marrv couldn't be there and I smiled, and said I'm sure he's going to be shocked and thankful, but yeah, his work schedule doesn't really permit for a lot of mid-afternoon time off. And that's when they told me "Oh, but he already knows". And I had my second huge shock of the day. A friend of mine at work had already reached out to him, told him all about it, prepped him, invited him, got his input on things...and that little bugger had kept mum about it. Of course when I got back to my desk and could call him he was so excited to hear everything and was so happy that I had been surprised and happy to hear that I felt a bit spoiled by the generosity of everyone. I've been at my job for just under a year, so honestly, it was pretty incredible to have so many people there and get so many hugs and smiles and cheers for me and Marrv and what we're about to embark on. Especially after what I've felt over the past few weeks - this was awesome, and feel so on track again!

(What to give the girl marrying a Scotsman? His and Hers kilt towels of course!)


  1. Haha I love your reaction about the pizza! What a fun surprise. (And you are adorable, we need more pictures of you here!)

  2. How awesome! I love the towel!

  3. that is brilliant! kilt towels?! i love it!

    and glad you had fun and felt so loved. :)

  4. duh! kilt towels?! who WOULDN'T!? that's badass, glad you got surprised finally! i'm the exact same way...isaiah can usually expect his christmas present in early november...YIKES.

    i've been missing you! somehow my reader misplaced your link-a-doo, missy. won't happen again.

  5. That is so cool! Also love the towel:)Have a fantastic day my dear
    Love your blog