And the delay drags on

So remember how I was all "I'm totally recapping but need some time to just breathe and relax"? Yeah, well instead of time to breathe and relax, Marrv and I have decided let's just make this newlywed time as manic as possible by up and moving. Across the country.

Big news to share. In just four weeks from now, Marrv and I are going to bundle up our little kitties in our new car (new used car that is. and that we haven't purchased yet) and drive from our comfortable life in Philadelphia to start a new adventure in a new apartment (yet to be obtained) with two new jobs (these we DO have) in San Diego, CA.

So much is still up in the air - we only just accepted the positions this past weekend. What we do know is that we're leaving the ice scrapers and winter jackets (well we'll take one...you know for when we CHOOSE to find snow in the mountains somewhere) behind.

I'm sure by the time I'm back on here regularly anyone who ever listened/read my rambling posts before will be gone but I do promise to be back. And lord knows I think I just gave myself A LOT to write about on the other side of the whole wedding thing!

Keep our sanity (and bank accounts) in your prayers!


  1. woah, awesome! congratulations on all the exciting news and the exciting news to come! We'll still be here...don't worry! So see you on the other side (of the country...wowza!)

  2. YAY. What an adventure. Let me know if you head on I-80 through Salt Lake City.