Creating our Little Slice of Heaven

Ever since moving in with Marrvelous, I have been itching to turn our roof deck into something a bit more spectacular...a place we both want to sip our morning coffee (or tea in his case) and read the paper on Sundays, a place to grill up new recipes and eat our dinner together in the fading light during the week, and a place to have guests over for drinks and fun. As any city dweller can tell you, outdoor space is precious and always in high demand. The fact that we have a two-level roof deck, with one of the best views of the Philly skyline is something we both really value. I saw the value in it the night we met, when Marrvelous used the infamous line, "Want to come see the view from my roof deck?" (Spoiler Alert: It worked)

Now that the weather is slowly turning in the right direction, I can officially say that the deck is on its way as well.

The first step has been cleaning both decks and this has been a torturous chore since I don't think it's been tackled, or even considered, in several years. There was potting soil growing its own tree from within the bag (It was so bizarre I almost kept it as an art piece). There are still two semi-filled tanks of propane that we need to find a good new home (Lowes? Home Depot? Anyone know who takes those?). Let's not forget the almost entirely full keg of beer that is way too heavy for either of us to carry. And I'm assuming it's crap and not just because it's been sitting there since New Year's 2009. True story.

So the fact that I was able to pull the top deck together this past weekend and get two new pots of gorgeous flowers planted and positioned to bask in the sunshine is rewarding! I've never gardened before so as much as I'm excited to do even more, it's scary. I want to tackle a few "window" boxes full of herbs, a larger planter that will house a bigger sized plant or bush, and some hanging planters for the first level of the deck. This is either going to turn out to be a gorgeous, lush urban oasis or soon we'll see the vultures circling above the dead, brown carcasses of poor, unsuspecting foliage.

Once we get a few more things put together, and get some of the additional furniture pieces we want, pictures will follow! Wish us luck!

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  1. Pix please!! Or maybe I'll just have to see for myself - when's the bbq?

    BTW - Home Depot sounds like a taker of tanks:
    Other green opts: