The Big Apple

Headed to New York tonight after work to spend the weekend with two very dear friends. Growing up only two hours from New York, I tend to forget how in so many people's eyes this is city of all cities. To me, it's where my friends live, where I've spent many fall weekends walking through Central Park or doing holiday shopping, where I've spent time exploring Brooklyn and Queens.

During our trip to Scotland for the holidays, I was reminded how amazing New York City is - friends' eyes lit up when talking about their upcoming holiday this summer, or the longing in others' eyes, with hopes of some day being able to get there. Then I remember that it's not only people all over the world, but people right here in the States. There are people that will live and die in the US and never make it there because it's too far and too expensive of a trip for them. They can't just jump on a bus and pay $10 and be in the Big Apple in two hours flat.

And I love Philly, this is my town. But I get it, I do - New York City, well, it really is that amazing. You may not want to live there, but it's hard not to have a ridiculously fabulous time even on a mini trip.

So I'm looking forward to a weekend just walking the city- popping in shops on 5th Ave (to drool and then move on with wallet still firmly in bag), conducting taste tests of all the fabulous cupcakes, avoiding Times Square like the plague, wearing my Phillies' hat with pride, and of course, lounging in Central Park and people watching.

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