New York City Recap (otherwise known as - Why Girlfriends are so Important)

The weekend in Hoboken (with smidges of Manhattan thrown in) was fun, debaucherous, and much needed. Other than neighborhood walks (everywhere from the Village to Battery Park and all over Hoboken's waterfront) and massive wine consumption, there wasn't much to the weekend, but yet it was still so good for my soul.

It was spent with two very dear girl friends. I have known them since I was 18 from the days down in Williamsburg; our friendship has lasted and continued to grow through travels, marriages, break ups, new jobs, new cities and so much more. These aren't the friends I've known the longest, but I think the fact that these are some of my closest comes from the fact that we began our journey during such an important stage in life. Out on our own for the first time, our friendships began at the same time that we were really learning about ourselves as individuals.

The bond has only been cemented by all of the other experiences we've gone through together. I'd rehash some stories here for all of you out in the interwebs, but honestly, we've learned by now that the stories that still make us laugh so hard we can barely breathe and tears stream down the side of our faces (I'm talking DA Roadtrip 2000, English wedding antics and of course several New Year's Eve extravangazas) are never quite as appreciated by those who weren't involved or didn't know us then. But I think it's something special that even after fourteen years, those stories still make us double over. This is what life and relationships is all about.

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