Making it Us

Marrvelous and I have now been planning our marriage celebration for four months. And let's just say it's been quite a ride. The ideas and thoughts that came spilling out of our mouths at lightening speed while we enjoyed our newly-minted engagement in Scotland aren't necessarily the same plans that we discuss now. In the past several months there have been numerous ideas regarding venue, location, caterers, size, timing, you name it. At one point it was a laid back traditional Memorial Day BBQ (that just happened to star a glorious white dress). At other times it was a backyard hippie love fest (this also included for a brief moment, a backyard hippie love fest in Scotland. I do love the idea of our entire US family - which includes our amazing friends - visiting Troon and coming down from their room at the Anchor Bar for a pint before a late night session at Pebbles. A girl can dream).

There was a brief moment when it was a rager in Vegas. The date has changed a few times, the venue has been up in the air, and the ideas just keep pouring in ... and out. Admittedly, a lot of this has to do with our financial restraints. We are paying for this celebration ourselves, maybe a little bit of help here and there. Ultimately we are ok with this. We always had a rough number that was our budget, and I do believe we'll be able to stick with it. You'd be stunned by the world of wedding bloggers out there now that have the most fabulous ideas for DIY.

It's possible to do a ridiculously chic and fun and amazing wedding on a budget. No matter what that budget is. Or at least this is what I keep telling myself. But I've had doubts and I've had those doubts creep in and make me wonder "Will people judge us if we have call liquor over top shelf?" "Will everyone think it's strange if we don't do a cocktail hour and go straight into the eating, drinking and dancing?"

Fortunately, with this wide world of blogging I've discovered, others have had these fears. But I believe I've also gotten to the same point those before me have when I remember that those people celebrating with us are the most important people in our lives. The family and friends that we know will be there for us, to help support us, and guide us through our new life together. I have had so many of my awesome friends offer to help - with centerpiece arrangements, invitations, photography and making me (with the help of a bad ass make up artist!) look stunning on the big day. These people love us as much as we love them. These people don't judge (and if they do, then they are free to enjoy their miserable, shallow little life all by themselves without us in it. Which is the nicer way of saying FU). All of this is why we always leave the idea of Vegas behind us and come back to a joyous, dance party celebration in our city. Because we want it - and we want to celebrate with the people we love.

In the meantime, I've realized that in order for Marrvelous and I to stay sane in this and comfortable with the money we do spend, we need to sit down and figure out what it is exactly that we want our day to be. Not just the who (which we've got covered) but the what, the why, the how. To discuss what values are important to us so that we make sure they translate into the celebration we create.

So I'm taking an idea I've seen written about elsewhere, but has really struck a chord with me when I first saw it on a blog I love 2000 Dollar Wedding and then again on One Cat Per Person(And how great is that blog name!). We're going to write out our Wedding Goals.

It's so easy to get caught up in all of the ideas out there- bunting, candy tables, late night taco trucks, backyard wedding vs. city loft wedding. The list goes on and on. So now it's time for Marrvelous and I to sit down and write out our wedding goals in order to be sure that the day, the weekend, the time spent with everyone is a true reflection of us. The very idea of doing this is exciting for me and I'm looking forward to some clarity and sanity! Wish us luck (Marrvelous always has an easier time goal-writing than me) and I'll be sure to share them soon.


  1. Still going...currently working our way through a different relationship-focused conversation at the moment: communication styles and building strong foundations (I'm an expert on the self-help section of Barnes and Noble!)

    But we DO need to do this pronto because I think we're both really going back and forth (and all over the place) on what we want (for the wedding itself).