I'm feeling the inner rage and frustration at the oil spill down in the Gulf start to boil and about to spill out onto paper (or blog as it is in this case). Just giving a bit of a heads up that a longer post, with many not-so-nice things, is on its way....


  1. OMG............ I've been trying to write about this, too. But I just can't find the words. I had a difficult time reading about it and looking at pictures yesterday. The animals are covered and the marshes are ruined. The whole thing is a political/big business/selfish/ugly mess. Makes my blood boil, too.

  2. I know - I'm boiling and having a hard time articulating all of the anger. And reading about government's reaction ("If BP isn't doing what is appropriate, we will push them aside as needed"....) is a joke. It's obvious that BP doesn't know how to fix it - no one else does either or they would have stepped in already. So what, the government is going to push them aside and then what? Perhaps all of this should have been thought about and planned for before any of it happened!
    Oh right, Drill Baby Drill.

    The pictures of the animals and environmental damage is just killing me. It's almost like it hurts so much I can't even look or read about it anymore. big sigh.