Giving Thanks

Sunday night, lying on one section of our L shaped couch with book in hand, snuggled under big fluffy blanket. Marrv lying on the other section of the L shaped couch intently watching football, snuggled under really plush blanket with both kitties snuggled right in there with him.

He turns to me and asks "What are you thankful for this year?" - just a hint of a smile on his face.

I say nothing, and simply point at him, then at his chest where Reina is curled in between her papa and the couch, then lower at his feet where Sammy J lies comfortable in his position as king of the house.

The moments of stress - wedding related, career related, finance (or lack thereof) related all fade out of mind as I think about our family (not solely by blood).

The family on one side that has instantly welcomed me and accepted me as one of their own. Made me feel comfortable and loved like they've known me forever. The family on the other side that has supported me through some devastating lows and a lot of really wonderful highs for the past 30+ years and make me who I am today.

And this year...for my baby family that's just really starting to take hold and blossom and grow. I'm a happy, and deeply thankful, girl.


  1. this is beautiful..the best part of thanksgiving is realizing how incredible everyone around you is...great post.

  2. So nice :)

    Glad to see you two taking some nice quiet moments in the midst of the planning process. Can you believe it's so close?

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  4. @lizzie - thanks! We have a pretty rock solid community :)

    @jen - agreed, thanks

    @kerry - I know! And you are even closer...this is such an exciting time and the quiet moments (this one forced on us a bit due to massive hangover from the bachelor/mini bachelorette parties the night before) are so welcome!

  5. That is such a sweet post! Its so great to remember what is really important...Family!
    Enjoy your weekend

  6. You are sooosososoooo close to the wedding. 19days!