The Calm Before the Storm

We're in the final stretch. Yesterday was the 2 week mark until my in-laws (teehee, I love having in-laws. I know, who says that? But mine are awesome...more on them to come in another post) arrive. Marrv woke up yesterday and did a little jig on his way to the shower, calling back to me over his shoulder "Two weeks! Two weeks babe 'til mum and dad arrive". Talk about one super excited guy - going a whole year without seeing family will do that to you for sure.

I feel like there is just so much left to do tho I've been able to stay rather calm. I get comments daily from random people about how calm I am. I definitely take it as a compliment, but it also makes me a bit sad that it seems so odd to people that they feel the need to comment. That the "normal" bride is always so frazzled and crazed that anything less than shouting and sobbing is considered "different". I do fear that I still have a few sobs left in me though, like I said - still a bunch to get done and as much as I want to have it all out of the way before I pick up my in-laws (happy face again) I know there are some things that just can't be done until the wedding weekend - cake pick ups, taking said cakes and other decor to the restaurant, flowers (I've decided I'm going neighborhood market day of route because I can't be bothered trying to find a reasonably priced florist who doesn't drop their jaw when I say I need just two bouquets and a wrist corsage in less than 2 wks - lord help me). And I'm a bit fearful of who I may turn into smack dab in the middle of 15 errands on Saturday morning. But I'll deal with that when and if it happens.

We took care of our seating arrangement the other night while laying in bed. It got heated quickly which I knew it would and which is why I tried to suggest not doing this just before bed. I think it shocked Marrv though that who sits next to who actually matters or that someone may actually be upset by not sitting with another particular person. After several deep breaths, we scribbled it out and everyone is going to have a seat and plenty of booze so hopefully they're all happy.

And of course, walking around the city the past few blustery, chilly days it has finally hit me - I'm going to be one COLD bride! Eek. We were hoping to walk from ceremony location to reception restaurant as it's only about 6 blocks and you have to walk through our favorite city park to get there (pictures!). Now besides the fact that I'm a bit terrified of my 4.5 inch heels (they're so gorgeous tho) I'm thinking I'm just going to use my normal winter dress jacket. Um, tell me that's ok, right?!

Well, hasn't this ended up as one rambling post? I started with the idea of expressing how I feel calm even with a ton to do and knowing that we'll just keep plugging away day by day. And even with the fear of the potential (and most likely, inevitable) stress... I'm still so freaking excited! Excited for the in-laws, family and friends to get here! Excited for the dinners, showing off my dress, for people to see our guest book (yes, tiny bit victim of the 'pretty details') and excited to stand up with Marrv and say I Do !

(an early photo of the two of us...on a pretty fun special night. someone may have said I love you. and someone may have said it back. and of course we may have happened to be our local pub.)


  1. Good for you, for not freaking! I'm freaking. There's been lots of crying in the past week for me, but that's not a whole lot different than my normal non-bride self, to tell you the truth.

    Dude, wear the coat and don't worry about it. Who knows, you might be so hopped on adrenaline and being married that you won't even need it! We're going to be taking pictures outside next weekend and all I'm wearing over my dress is an elbow-length bolero, which I'm taking OFF for some of the pictures because I'm crazy. I'll let you know how it goes!

    It's so fun to have another cold-weather birde around these parts :)

  2. @Kerry - Oh the jacket will be off for photos outside in the park...it's happening. I honestly even thought about wearing my chartreuse colored ski parka as well as we walk. I mean just imagine the surprise on everyone's face when they see how good I look UNDER the coat! SURPRISE!

    ONLY 1 WEEK FOR YOU!! yay yay yay!!

  3. haha yay! you girls are too cute! i love the photo. glad you're staying calm and that you LOVE your in-laws, I feel the same. it's gonna be fantastic...

  4. YOU ARE SO CLOSE. Wear whatever you want, you never know maybe the ski parka will be the next big thing on all of the wedding blogs. Seriously though, you won't even care that day.

  5. dude, you live my dream life. when we were going to go with colonial dames, we planned to walk (in painful heels) through the park to the reception.


    i love the rare photo of you two. :) (more please.)

    (also re: freezing. it was an icy, blustery day when we got married. and i didn't need to wear a thing over my dress. there' really is something creepy-mystical-warming about marriage and junk.)

  6. @Meghan - true, I have a feeling I'm not going to care if I'm in parka or shrug or windbreaker that day :)

    @liz - pics in Rittenhouse is a must for us, we had so many early relationship picnic dates there and it's where we run to in the snow to build snow peeps. I'm totally heartened to hear tho that you were fine on your icy day with nothing on top! Bc I saw your photos and you were one gorgeous bride so that's damn encouraging!

  7. So exciting! Enjoy this time! I remember those final few weeks. If you can stay calm it will be some of the most magical times of your life :) xoxo

  8. I think its perfect that you are all calm...Its great! Its such a special time so just enjoy it and have fun with it...I am so happy for you
    Kisses, my dear