Introducing Mr and Mrs Marrvelous

Not a lot of time to write but just had to post a little "Yippee! We're hitched!"
The weekend was perfect - mishaps occurred and it was still the most perfect 72 hours of celebrations. Better than we imagined and so full of laughter, tears and joy. We're off to Florida in the morning with family for the holidays (not the real honeymoon but man am I looking forward to sleeping in, reading my book in the sunshine, eating a lot of cheese and drinking a lot of wine, and not having to coordinate anything!). When I'm back I'll definitely do recaps because not only do I really want to share but I want to preserve all of our memories and feelings before they escape.

I also really wanted to send a huge Thank You to the many wonderful women who comment here from around the blog world ... to say thank you for all the support in getting to this day - during those "oh my I'm so overwhelmed and if I have to be responsible for one more thing I might shout and storm out" moments, I simply thought back on the many emails, comments, posts exchanged back and forth. That's all it took most of the time to remind myself to take a deep breath and ... smile. So thank you.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with one of my favorite (non pro) photos:


  1. awwww! congratulations! it looks like it was an excellent celebration...you two look beautiful! can't wait for the recaps and i hope you enjoy your break together, lady.

  2. Congrats! Welcome to the wonderful, so much better, other side! :) Enjoy the resting and the relaxation!

  3. Utterly wonderful!

  4. oh, YAY you two!! Congratulations!

  5. I've been in hiding for the last week, so this is a little late, but a hearty congratulations and best wishes to you and Marv!


    i mean, uh. congratulations!