Vacation, all I ever wanted

The first time I ever got on a plane, I was headed to California. A five-hour, cross country flight is a rather big one for your very first, and as a 10 year old. My second time flying, we took a month long trip to England and Australia. I was 12 on that trip.

People without passports astound me. Perhaps it's unfair, but I instantly judge those people (sorry for those reading who fall into this category - but consider this an offer, get your passport and I will plan you one hell of a trip and show you exactly why it is so important and so fun to see the world!).

I have learned that I'm happiest when planning a trip - whether it's a quick two day stay or a 10 night trip to a brand new spot. I really enjoy researching places to stay, where and what to eat, how to get from one spot to the next and also to learn, in general, the history and background of wherever we're going. I like finding the hidden spots and going where locals go, getting a real sense of how people live their daily life.

When asked what is one of "Suzanne's biggest fears or disaster scenerios", Marrvelous, without hesitation, has answered "Not traveling enough or not living overseas again". Boy does he know me. It freaks me out to think about the fact that I have maybe 50-55 years left (hopefully), and yet my list of destination locations is constantly growing! I know 50 years seems like a lot, but honestly - you should see my list. As I've grown older, the list gets longer - but my time and financial resources just seems to shrink.

I know I should be even more thankful for the fact that I took 6 weeks to travel the USA with three of my closest friends following College graduation. And that I am the envy of many for then packing up for a 4 month South American adventure with my best friend. Yes, I've even spent time living and working in both Canada and Spain. These experiences really made me who I am today, and I think that is another reason why I am always looking to get on the move. Seeing wondrous sites that others only see in books, meeting new people with different viewpoints and ways of life, being thrown into uncomfortable situations - it makes me grow and it makes my life feel full.

So it has become a bit obvious to me that it's important I start giving some serious thought to how I can get my fix on a more consistent basis. Sure, I am already scheming and plotting on a few quick little trips this year (and don't even get me started on the ever-growing Honeymoon folder), but I think I need to take some time and dwell on how I can make my passion my every day reality.

Always open to suggestions - especially if they're of the "I'll pay you to country hop for the next year" sort!

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  1. You can never go wrong with a vacation!! One is on my wish list right now :-)