Work Schmork

It's a pain in the rear when work and other life responsibilities get in the way of blogging. I've had a much longer post on the drafting board for way too long. Thank goodness for the weekend!

Although...it is Philly Beer Week so we'll see how much coherent, sober writing I end up doing.

I'll be thinking of y'all while I tip back a few (or more)!

Ben with the Hammer of Glory (used by our mayor to tap the opening keg tonight...man I heart this city)


  1. DUDE! That sounds AWESOME. Dallas has a few cool little quirks, but we're from Chicago, which has tons of them as well. I definitely love that the mayor taps the keg!! Sounds like a great time!

  2. Sounds fun! If only I had known this ahead of time, we would have driven two hours and crashed a friends place to partake the fun!

  3. It doesn't end until the 13th so there's always next weekend....check out phillybeerweek.org, seriously SO many events!

  4. Sounds fun! Ben is a perfect personality to start the festivities.