A Place to Celebrate!

As mentioned previously, a few weekends ago, Marrvelous and I checked out yet another restaurant location as possibility for hosting our brunch reception. We had a long list of places to consider (Philly really is a great food town), but I think we were holding this one out for last just to be able to confirm to ourselves that this was the right choice.

From the get-go, the owner has been brilliant to work with - quick replies, creating multiple personalized proposals for menus, and just an overall attitude of being sincerely happy to host our celebration.

I knew I needed a place that had good food. Our city has too many fabulous restaurants to settle for anything less than deliciousness. Although I admit, I was a bit worried that even though we are going the brunch route, some restaurants may be out of our budget. But with those personalized proposals, the owner has also provided us several different pricing options as well. And as far as the food goes, all I have to say is that the menu will have jumbo lumb crab eggs benedict on it and so this going to be one happy little bride!

Finally, not only is the location perfect (just about 6 blocks from our ceremony venue and those 6 blocks take us straight through our favorite park which will be perfect for photos) but the look of the restaurant is spot on. We are taking over the 2nd floor, and the ceiling is made up of three extra-large skylights - so we'll have tons of light (fingers crossed for a bright wintery day - or even snow!) and you can also see the restaurant's gardens atop the skylights (from which they pull their vegetables and herbs).

So without further ado...please meet the restaurant where we will be toasting, laughing, and basking in the love and support from our family and friends...
Noble: An American Cookery

(Those rows of tables on the left and right will be filled with our family and friends - and just look at those skylights! via)

(The front of the restaurant - which makes for a great happy hour spot in the summer via)


  1. That looks AMAZING! Love, love, love the skylights! Super excited for your fantastic find!

  2. Oh yay! It looks fabulous! Congrats, sweetie :)

  3. feck yea!!!!! what a beautiful spot! and those photos are amazing!

    even if it's not a bright day, you'll still get beautiful lighting and it will make for some beautiful photos!

    nicely done you two!

  4. what a lovely area! it's going to be a great place for your special day!

  5. I swear I have posted a comment on this before.

    Your brunch restaurant looks fantastic. Gorgeous and yummy, too! I'm still partial to the brunch reception idea, and crab eggs benedict?! Yes, please.