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I love beer.

I've spent many a night reading about beer, talking about beer, and most importantly - tasting beer. It certainly helps to live in one of the top three beer cities in all of America. Next week should have been the third annual Philly Beer Week, but the powers that be thought hosting it in June would be better for all involved. Before you start thinking Beer Week is simply pulling up a stool at a bar and drinking, you should check out: www.phillybeerweek.org

You'll see there are so many fun and creative events. Brewers from all over the country and world come to Philly to host events from karaoke (My personal fave) to meal pairings to contests and games.

However, since it's not until June this year, I will have to satisfy my March beer cravings with tonight's Philly Craft Beer Fest! There's a big group going (including my dear friend, Ms. Liz from our nation's capital) and will be Marrvelous's first true beer fest experience. This is a young man, who when I met him 1 short year ago, though Miller Lite was nectar of the Gods. I worked on him, educated him, forced him to test out new beers and I'm proud to say that today he agonizes over what bar to go to in case they only carry Miller Lite. That might be my finest beer accomplishment in life.

So tonight we will toast each other, our good friends, and our good city as we throw back a few of Butternuts Pork Slap Pale Ale.

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