Real Men Wear Skirts

After when? and where?, pretty much everyone follows up with the same number 3 question: "Will Andy wear a kilt?".

At first I was actually shocked that so many people were asking; I just thought everyone would know that yes, of course he would be. He's Scottish. But then I stopped and remembered that I'm always harping on what people just seem to expect about weddings, and so I should be happy that everyone is curious and aren't making any assumptions. This is perhaps the one aspect of the wedding though that is set, for sure.

So to answer everyone, yes - the groom will be in his kilt. As will his father, the best man and any other Scotsman in attendance.

As a quick tutorial: the kilt each man wears is based on his family surname and the clan they belong to. This will determine the tartan (basically, the plaid pattern of the kilt). There are informal as well as formal ("Dress") versions of the tartans and so the Mr will be sporting his Dress Gordon. Here is what he'll look like (minus the steamy, good looking model) ...

And I know what question comes next, and I'll simply say - they're all true Scotsman and if you really want to know, you can ask them that day!

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  1. Yay for kilts!
    (And sorry for the lame comment, but still, yay for kilts!)