20 Random Facts

So I saw this on other local Philly bride Dana's Lover's Waltz: Our Low-Key Philadelphia Wedding site, and I thought - hmm, we're not all about our weddings and our honeymoons. Why not talk a little bit about all the other stuff that helps to make me who I am. Both of those ladies wrote 25 facts, but I had to weed it down to 20 so as not to bore myself to sleep!

1. I love surveys. I'm a sucker for them. Exhibit A: this blog post

2. I have been an aunt since I was 13 and now have 6 nephews and 1 niece - all of whom I adore. Here I am, about to get schooled in Guitar Hero by my 7 year old niece!

3. I have a ridiculous, insane fear of birds. I typically clench up as I walk by pigeons on the sidewalk and have been close to hyperventilating in places like St. Mark's and Trafalgar Square.

4. I really love watching pelicans soar in a line, dipping over the waves though.

5. I have been to 6 of the 7 continents. Antarctica anyone?

6. My Africa, Asia and Australia continent exposure could use some boosting tho!

7. I could read every book by Jane Austen over and over without getting bored. The same goes for Harry Potter 1-7, for sure.

8. I'm 50% Lebanese, have studied Arabic in classes, workbooks and cds. And can still only say a minimal amount like "hello", "Yes", "my name is", "I'm lebanese" and "Kiss my ass". You know, the basics.

9. Losing my mother at 15 is the event in my life that has had the most impact - both good and bad - on me. And it's something I still deal with 17 years later.

10. I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of my life and be happy. Marrvelous has frequently asked me if I'm totally positive that I don't have some Mexican ancestry and noted that he has eaten more tacos, flautas and tortas in the 17 months we've been together than in his whole life.

11. Madonna Like a Prayer is my go-to karaoke song.

12. I insist on seeing all Oscar nominated films and those that have the actors/actresses nominated before the Oscars - even if it means seeing two movies back to back to fit them all in before the big night.

13. I am the biggest texter you'll ever meet. I know several people who have had to up their monthly texting capacity since meeting me. If you want an immediate response, text me. If you call, I'll probably screen it and just text you later. Sorry, nothing personal.

14. I played competitive sports growing up, including Division I lacrosse in college and really miss playing competitively. It tends to come out instead in any other sport-related activity in which I participate. As seen here in a wicked game of water balloon toss (look at that form, that determination...)

15. I love a sporty guy - so it's a good thing Marrvelous is also competitive and athletic. He is currently helping me with my golf game. He's a professional golfer and a great coach. And I admit, the first time we went together and he hit the ball 300 yards long and straight...my knees got weak.

16. I really want to live overseas again at some point. I'm hoping to use Marrv's golf career as a means to end up at some fancy beachy resort in Central America. He can be the golf pro while I lounge beach side. A girl can dream.

17. I've recently (like the last 6-9 months) become a lot more conscientious about my eating habits. I don't know if it has to do with reading Michael Pollan's works, getting older and starting to think about my health differently, or consciously thinking about someone else's health as much as mine...but I now frequent the farmers' markets regularly, look for the grass-fed, no anti-biotics, organic labels, and ask about where my food is coming from.

18. If I could have anyone's job in the world it would be Anthony Bourdain. I always do extensive research on local food and top restaurants when I plan for a trip. Mmmm, chowder bowls in SF! Look at that expressiveness - I'd be a natural on camera!

19. Introducing Marrvelous to National Lampoon's Animal House may be one of my proudest moments.

20. I can never seem to choose in the "beach house" or "mountain home" debate. I love an early morning walk along the beach, followed by a few hours on the beach cruiser, drinks with the sound of the ocean in the background, and wearing your favorite hoodie at night while you sit on the balcony watching the stars. But I love long hikes, and getting out on lakes to kayak or canoe. And I love building a good fire and being bundled up with great big trees all around. Soooo, I'll just take both. Thank you very much.


  1. 6 of 7 continents??? WORD? That's pretty awesome.

    And can I just add to this to the list of why I love SMK+Marrv: You guys have been together 17 months and we've been together 21-ish. When people ask how long we've been together and we say we're almost at the two-year mark, we get strange faces. So yes. Thank you for being a less than 2-year relationship with us! Not like with us, with us... but like us. haha!

    And p.s. Did you vote for the APW meet up? I will be so sad if there's a separate Phila/Baltimore one. :( Maybe we can do a regional meetup oneahdeezdayz?

  2. As for number 20...me too. That's why I seriously entertain thoughts of Peru. Great mountains, great water access. And none of that pesky Asia-U.S. time zone confusion. Just putting it out there. Fits well with #16. ;-)

  3. @Angie - yay for under 24 monthers! I know what you mean though, I'm not sure that we've gotten too many looks for real, but I always feel anxious that we're going to get a raised eyebrow. But, when you know, you know. I used to always be like "pfffff, please that is just BS" when someone said that before. It's so cliche, but things with Marrv have been different from day 1. And I knew within the first month that I would say yes, that I wanted to say yes. I do still think that the fact that it's only been 17 months means we're still growing and learning (which really, don't you continue to do the whole time hopefully?).
    Oh - and about APW - I voted for a time, but was there a poll for location??

    @Olivia: I was leaning more towards Nicaragua or Costa Rica. Maybe more jungle than mountains but I know we'd be happy in either of those. Though I'd certainly entertain Spain as well (great golfing along the sunny southern coast AND same time zone as his folks! even better!) --- How are your plans going? You coming back soon???

  4. I also want to be Bourdain. Or at least go eat with him.

  5. What a great post! I love getting to know other bloggers better.