The Horror


Alright everyone, it's happened. I had my first wedding nightmare.

The dream opened with me in a locker room style setting surrounded by several girl friends and it was time to get ready. Why it was a locker room with benches and tall lockers rather than the pretty bridal suite at the Colonial Dames, I have no idea. Maybe I was drawing on my many years of competitive sports. But that definitely set the tone - something in the milk ain't clean.

Instantly I realize that it's the morning of the wedding and I don't have a slip or any proper undergarments for my dress. Cut to me breaking and entering into some lingerie store (and for some reason I now realize it's still dark out...which perhaps is because we're having a morning ceremony in the winter...) I was instantly caught by the shop attendants, but they decided to take pity on me and gave me the one extra large full body girdle apparatus left in the store. I say thank you, grab it and race back to my locker room where there are now 20 more people that aren't suppose to be there or even invited to the wedding. Some young girl I don't know comes up to me and tells me that somehow she's managed to soak the bottom half of my dress. (Yes, now my dress has become detachable. Which seemed oddly normal in the dream). I start screaming bloody murder at the trollop who has appeared out of nowhere and destroyed my "skirt".

This is when my friend, who is a make up artist and will be prettying me up on the real morning, shows up and tells me it'll be ok. She can fix the dress. But let's get my hair done so she can start the make up. And it hits me. I don't have anyone to do my hair. And in the middle of this horror, it just feels like the worst thing I could have forgotten. I mean, how can I possibly walk down the aisle with my thin, stick straight hair?

The end of the dream was the absolute worst. All of a sudden it's the next morning, I'm standing with Marrvelous and I turn to him and say "I can't remember any of it". And I realize that I went from locker room debacle straight to the next morning. And I try and try and try to envision the ceremony, the reception, anything, and realize I can't.

The wedding happened and Marrv is showing me photos and I don't remember any of it and now it's done and I have no memory of the day with our family and friends.

It was a horrible, horrible feeling. And when I woke up, I instantly rolled over to get a hug from Marrv and remind myself that it was only a nightmare. The first one; hopefully the last one! But if I happened to spend a few hours today trying to sort out a few more of the items on the "To-do List", that's not necessarily a bad thing. Right?!


  1. ah! wedding nightmares are the WORST! And that ending was the same nightmare I had one night. We were getting ready and then BAM! everyone was congratulating me and I couldn't figure out why. "You just got married!" they said. But I couldn't remember any of it.

    I think this comes from everyone telling me how fast it'll go and that they barely remember anything. :(

  2. I had wedding nightmares, too! Totally normal...I think.

    Happy weekend!

  3. they are THEEEE worst.

    i still had them weeks after the wedding.

    but i'm ocd like that.

  4. i had my first wedding nightmare too! it involved getting pregnant and my dress not fiting... AHH!! scary, scary stuff. :]

  5. Wow! That makeup artist must be pretty awesome to be able to fix a wedding skort ! HA! Let me know if you need a hair person... I have an arsenal of them!