Viva Espana!

Felicidades, Espana! The 2010 World Cup Champions.

Yesterday was insane - we watched the final at an outdoor block party at our local Irish pub and by the end, I had lost my voice, was waving my red belt over my head and dancing my tush off to the Gypsy Kings along with the other Spanish fans clogging the street (honestly, I was surprised by the number of Orange Crush supporters, who knew so many Dutch lived in Philly!).

I've been rooting for Spain from day 1 (sorry, USA) so even though Marrvelous had chosen to support the Dutch - he was happy for me.

If you haven't seen it already, please find the video of Spanish keeper Iker Casillas's post game interview with his girlfriend Sara Carbonero (a reporter for Telecinco) - even if you don't speak Spanish, it'll make you weak in the knees!

A bit tired today, struggling to get through work. So I leave you with these pictures via Fifa.com. You're welcome.


  1. I saw that interview on the Today show this morning, super sweet!

  2. Awww man! And there is where I want to rewind and get all up in the World Cup. Sounds like you had an awesome time! I envy your party abilities. :)

  3. Awww! That kiss was fantastic. I wish we had a pub to watch the games in.

  4. Wasn't the best game I ever saw, but I'm happy for the Spanish...even though I feel terrible for the Dutch.

  5. Yay for Spain!!! Can't believe it's all over now...

  6. I saw that interview. Soooo cute. Thanks for stopping by today.