Random Dress Musings

I got the call. My dress has arrived at the shop. I was told it would take 6 weeks and it took 2. And now I have what feels like 1000 thoughts running through my mind as I get ready to go pick it up Saturday.

1. Where the heck do I store it? Besides the fact that we only have one closet that is full-length and that happens to be the coat closet under the stairs (our clothes are stored in a wall to wall custom built wardrobe style thingy), I don't want Marrv seeing it pre-wedding. I know more and more couples are doing things differently, but this is probably that one small tradition I'm choosing to hold on to.

2. With that said, I immediately thought to take it to my aunt's home (the aunt I went shopping with) out in the 'burbs. She just also happens to be out on the west coast for the next month visiting my sister. So then I started to wonder, will it be ok in a closet in her home with no air condition going on for another month? I don't even know if that's a ridiculous thing to be concerned about or not. But I am. So what do you think - does a home with no air condition turned off for the next month and a much warmer than average summer happening have the possibility of destroying my newly purchased dress?

3. Is it wrong to be eyeing shoes that cost almost as much as the dress? How soon did people then buy their shoes? Should I definitely have "the pair" ready for when I go for alterations?

4. And alterations! Is it just easiest/best to do it at the store where I bought the dress? (the thought of scary Russian alteration lady fussing on me again certainly doesn't have a calming effect)

5. Alterations also means I need to get my act in gear related to the bits that will go on first, underneath the dress. All those fancy pull, lift, squeeze, smooth bits. (and that's as far as I go discussing that since I know the in-laws read this from time to time - Hello Marrvelouses!)

6. What else do I need to consider, think about, stress over, freak out on?


  1. First thing's first- my shop needed me to double check the gown within 48 hours for any major flaws because within a VERY small window they are able to get a replacement. So go just "visit your dress"

    I thought I'd have to take my dress home - but my shop actually they store it in their facility. Also YES have the shoes- it makes alterations much easier, because there are no big changes to the original alteration.

    That's what I can offer, and your shop may be different, regardless have a fabulous time!!

  2. oh! I was super nervous too when I got the call that my dress was in!

    1/2. It will be fine in the heat and you'd probably want to have it pressed before the wedding anyway. Just hang it straight and the heat shouldn't bother it (unless your train is butter...)

    3. I'm a month out, done with alterations and still don't have my shoes! EEK!! I know I'm wearing flats, so I just brought in a random pair to wear to my fitting. You might be able to talk to your alterations person and see if they can just wait on the hemming or just pick a heel height!

    4. Find someone who is reputable, knows wedding dresses (which are significantly different than other dresses) and get a few quotes. Find someone who isn't the scary Russian lady who you can trust your dress with!

    5. Same thing with the shoes. I had some stuff to bring with but my alterations lady also had some stuff and I ended up buying a boobie holder from her.

    6. stop stressing! it'll be fine! xoxo

  3. Don't have your shop store the dress! There are stories all the time about brides getting screwed because the dress shop closes and they can't get their stored dresses.

  4. My advice is to go see your dress to make sure it's all right and okay, but do this with a grain of salt. When I went for my first "try on" I left feeling completely ambivalent about it and wondering if I made a mistake. Fast forward to having it altered to my body and lo and behold, I loved it again! Amazing what FIT does for the aesthetic :)

    Personally, I have the store where I bought it do everything - store, alter, the whole deal. I feel this is safer in case anything gets screwed up, they are still responsible for it. And, from what I've experienced, most seamstresses are crazy no matter where you go!

  5. How exciting!!!

    They won't let you keep the dress at the store? Mine arrived almost six months before my wedding and they kept it there until the week of. I also did my alterations with them, just seemed simpler that way.

    P.S. Glad I'm not the only one who loved Can't Buy Me Love!