Summer 2010 Girls Getaway #1 (or the weekend I got heatstroke)

Every summer for the past 5 years, a group of girlfriends and I pick a weekend to get out of the city and go camping. The campsites have varied over the years from middle PA to the past two years when we were in Henlopen State Park in Delaware. This was the ideal spot because it also had beach access! Not sure how many of you have camped before (and no, we're not badass and doing backwoods camping - I'm talking car camping where you drive up to your spot and pitch up your tent), but it's always ideal to have something to spend your day doing so that it's not just 48 hours of sitting by your tents. So Henlopen was great - we could be on the beach during the day, it's a state park so there was some hiking around too, cook our dinner over the fire back at the site, sometimes they'd have nightly ranger talks (though we pretty much got kicked out of the one we went to) and then a little midnight moonlight beach trip as well. Good times.

Well this year it took us a bit longer to get our act together and find a weekend, so by the time we tried to book Henlopen again it was all booked. Instead, we're headed up towards Harrisburg and hitting up the campsite that also hosts the annual PA Renaissance Faire (if only it was going on right now! Turkey legs for everyone!).

I admit, I'm a bit concerned about this heat wave we're experiencing. Marrv turned to me the other morning after watching the weather on the local news and solemnly said "Hon, can you promise not to die from heat?" and last night he sat me down and had a very serious "Please promise to drink 2 jugs of water each day" talk. He also came home from work with this fan for my tent -

How sweet! This is why I love him

Anyway, besides being a bit terrified of heatstroke, I'm so pumped for the weekend. The girls are so much fun and such good friends - the weekend will involve a whole lot of nothingness but I am 110% certain there are going to be at least 5 moments each day that I can barely breathe because I'm laughing so hard and there are tears coming down my face. I love those moments.

And it's going to involve a whole lot of food and booze.

Here's our food tent one year. Notice the classy boxed wine. There are also three large coolers filled with food that you can't see. And there's only 5 of us going

Um, I'm particularly fond of eating smores


  1. Franzia is good for all occasions. The square shape helps when packing :)

    Have a fantastic time! I'll have to check out Henlopen. See it all the time, but I need to actually go!

  2. I love girls camping trips. Many moons ago my girls and I would go nearly every weekend. Now we have hubands, jobs and a few have kids. Ruining our lives I say.

  3. that's a lot of booze for someone afraid of heatstroke ;)

  4. Hey ladies - the weekend was so much fun. And so hot. Honestly, I can't think of a time when I've been hotter. Surprisingly, sleeping was easy - I actually got cold each night (the only one out of the 5 of us) but during the day it was pretty brutal. The turkey legs, smores, fruit & pumpkin butter rocky mountain pie maker breakfasts and obscene number of cans of beer certainly helped. I'm home and alive, but exhausted and not quite the right temperature still!

  5. OMG I can't even imagine camping in that heat! I could barely stay in the house with ac because the ac wasn't even cool enough. Seriously I think I still might have a rash behind my legs for sitting in sweat for so long. Sorry to be so blunt. LOL