4 Hours...

and counting.

Til Marrvelous walks in the door, drops his bags, brushes his teeth and crawls into bed.

I am a happy, happy girl. I really would rather not go 10 nights apart ever again.

(AND Pretty in Pink is on TV right now...um, Otis Redding's Try a Little Tenderness? Perfection in a song)

Happy Wednesday night everyone!


  1. it's almost midnight here....

    Marrv's is home!!!! ;)


  2. Hope you're having a great time!

  3. Yay! Hope Marv got home safe and sound.

  4. Reminding me of one of my favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother, where Ted gives his best man toast on how Marshall and Lily, even after 10 years together, couldn't spend one night apart.

    This is a random, personal side note: I stayed with my mom because I had my wisdom teeth out Wednesday. My mom "knows" Isaiah & I live together, but she hasn't acknowledged it just yet. I was getting really sad that Isaiah was going to have to leave for the night, especially since I was all emotional from the surgery...she pulled Isaiah aside and told him he could sleep on the couch with me...It was really sweet, given how conservative she is, and how sad I was, haha.

    Random personal sidenote over, Glad Marrv is home for you now!

  5. Yay ladies - he's home! And tonight we're just going to grill and have a few drinks on the roof deck - fireworks included! (nothing like living in the birth place of USA independence ...fireworks every night)

    @lizzie - that is too cute. what a really sweet moment from your mama! I love that she took him aside, and gave her permission - it's like her way of saying how much she loves you and acknowledging how important Isaiah is to you(knowing how having Isaiah by your side was going to be such a great comfort) CUTE. Hope you're feeling better now!