Writer's Workshop: 30 Things I vow to do this Summer

I came across this make up your own list of "30 Things I Vow to do This Summer" on Mama's Losin' It blog by way of You Just Can't Google Everything, which by the way is an awesome blog name though I do Google everything.

So I thought, what better way to get in gear and produce a to-do list (with hopefully some fun things thrown in it) than distract myself at work with another blog post!

1. Thoroughly enjoy myself on all-girls' Chicago weekend trip
2. Finally try a quinoa recipe
3. Go to the beach
4. Go to the beach (repeat performance hopefully!)
5. Thoroughly enjoy myself on my all-girls' camping weekend trip
6. Eat minimum 6 smores on said camping trip
7. Take our engagement photos
8. Buy at least one new bathing suit for above beach trips, camping trips, etc...
9. Buy a racket and proceed to allow Marrvelous to school me in the ways of tennis
10. Select/Confirm/Pay for wedding ceremony venue
11. Get out on the golf course at least 3 times to better my game
12. Thoroughly enjoy myself with Marrvelous and his two best mates on our North Carolina weekend getaway
13. Read a new book every two weeks
14. Hang family/friend photos on our wall
15. Continue to school Marrvelous in the ways of lacrosse
16. Be better about blogging
17. Host more bbqs on our glorious roof deck
18. Right after I regarden and plant more greenery up there!
19. Buy a wedding dress - or at least go and try some on!
20. Enjoy lazy nights on the deck with Marrvelous and a 6 pack
21. Scheme more ways to work in vegetarian only meals or days in our life
22. Take the annual goals from my upcoming work evaluation and really start making a name for myself at my Org.
23. Spend more time with my aunt helping her around her house
24. Start working on our housing arrangements in Florida for the holidays
25. Save, save, save
26. Right after I get a couple of cute summer dresses that is
27. and cute sandals
28. Experiment with homemade pizzas
29. Take more time to call friends (and skype with the little one in San Diego!)
30. Snuggle with my family and continue to be amazed at how great my life is!


  1. i love these. a good mix of fun and sweet, professional, family, and Marrvelous.

    roof deck?! super jealous!
    6 pack on the roof deck?! jealous!!!

  2. I love lists. Jus made one myself. Wandered over here from Kerry's blog..