Honeymoons (Part I)

So as it has become increasingly clear around here - I heart travel. To me, the honeymoon is where it's at! And recently there's been a lot of chatter in the interwebs about honeymoons - where to go, when to go, how long to go, how much to spend, and more. It got me thinking.

I feel like you often hear about these couples who go to Bora Bora, Fiji or some other far-off tropical locale. Do you realize how expensive it is to go to any of these amazing places? And this, after they've just typically spent a good deal on the wedding itself. Pretty astounding. Don't get me wrong, I am counting down until the day Marrvelous and I can jet off to the Maldives and shack up in a bad ass bungalow propped out over the water, where I can stare at the fishies swimming underneath through the glass floor and then just jump off from my own personal dock to go for a dip. I am ALL ABOUT IT. Trust me on that.

What I don't agree with is the mentality that because it is the Honeymoon, the trip needs to be something on this level. To me, the purpose of the honeymoon is to be with the person you've committed to and to enjoy yourself by taking some time to just have fun and reflect on the life you're building together. I guess, with that definition though, just about any trip you take could be considered a honeymoon - which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Marrvelous and I have discussed the idea/the desire to take annual "honeymoons" - ultimately, to take time together and escape from the every day responsibilities to remember exactly why we've chosen this life together. To reconnect in some ways.

Additionally, I know many couples who went to a really fabulous exotic spot for their honeymoon - and have never gone further than an hour away ever again. And that's not happening up in here. African Safari, Southeast Asia extravaganza, Bad-ass over-water bungalows...all of these are trips we intend to do. It doesn't need to be honeymoon numero uno, we've got the rest of our lives to keep it spicy with awesome travel, not just now.

With all of this being said ... I came across this today! Billy Black's Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

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Yes! This is so amazing (almost as amazing as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - but not quite). Who wouldn't want to visit New Zealand and stay in Bilbo Baggins' look alike home?! Putting it on the list - tho I'm fairly sure Marrvelous is going to have a hard time justifying a Lord of the Rings specific holiday. I'll just convince him with the view -

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  1. What! Bilbo Baggins' home?! Do you need to duck to get in there? And yes, maybe not as awesome as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which we intend on visitng if the honeymoon is in Orlando. Thanks for this post. You know I've been stressing to the max about a honeymoon. So far Morgan's Rock, Fiji and Alaska are not in our cards (for now at least), but Dewey, Bethany, Orlando, Maine and a slew of other east coast locations are. As long as I have some sun, sand, my man, a drink and flip flops- I'm good to go! :)

    Seriously. Thank you for this.

    "And that's not happening up in here." <3!!!!

  2. @Angie - Ok, now I officially vote for Orlando just so I can live vicariously through your trip to the WWOHP (you know how we heart the acronyms)! Seriously - if you went, I may possibly bribe you to send me hourly updates and phone pictures.

  3. I think the idea of a honeymoon a year is a great one! That said I think a lot of people go "big" for their honeymoons is that they're not sure when they will have that opportunity again. Many don't find the time or can't get in the way after life starts getting in the way.

  4. Oh, wow. I think I'm going to have to put the Hobbit Motel on our list of vacation spots (New Zealand was already on the list; now we have a place to stay).

    Just last night, we were having the "No, you're a hobbit," debate. I want to be an Elf. Apparently there is a height requirement. He wants to be a dwarf because they get things done and fight, to which I said, you eat and snuggle and putter. So we're Hobbits. At least Hobbits are happy.

    And are you really going to the Wizarding World? It looks like fun, but I have a hard time accepting that I will believe that I'm in dank England in the Orlando heat.