Day 1

Dropped Marrvelous at the airport at 3:30 this afternoon for a 10 night work trip to Denver. After parking the car back in the city, I immediately walked to our favorite special treat spot - yogorino. We always go together, it's like a mini-date night...get our favorite toppings, walk back towards the house, stop off in Rittenhouse Square to eat the yumminess. It almost felt like cheating by going by myself tonight. But I needed the pick me up. I then came home, got in comfy clothes and promptly ordered Young Victoria off the tv - a movie I was positive he wouldn't be upset to have missed (but I thought it was great). Now I'll finish the evening by flipping through InStyle in bed.


Only 9 more nights to go.


  1. LOVE Emily Blunt. I even loved her in Sunshine Cleaning. Need to see Young Victoria, like now.

    I hope the next 9 days pass quickly!!!

  2. Yes - she was excellent, I can totally see why she got nominated. I love period pieces anyway, but I didn't really know the story of Victoria and Albert ...and so needless to say, as about to be newlyweds...it's a good one to rent soon!