Ceremony Venue

This morning I'm going to visit the final two venues in contention for the ceremony.

With checkbook in hand.

And Marrvelous in Denver.

Eeek! We may have a place to get hitched by the end of the day - scary and exciting all at the same time!


  1. *fingers crossed for you and your checkbook!

  2. Fingers crossed for you. Marrvelous doesn't want to see them?

  3. @Kerry - yes, the checkbook is scared

    @Sarah - Yeah, he does but I took a ton of photos. He wanted to go (and may still next week when he gets home) but the prices for one venue go up on July 1 so I wanted to at least get in there prior to that. Which was great bc the venue agreed to give us time for him to come in and see it (after July 1) and still lock in the old prices - so nice!

    And Editor's Update: The checkbook didn't get used, a bit torn on what to do. The two places are totally different vibe from one another. Going to send pictures to Marrvelous in Colorado and go from there. Tho I have a feeling I know which way we're both going to go...